Protect the crops

The pigs are out of control. The farmer has requested your help in dealing with these pesky animals.

Let the chickens eat!

The rats have taken over and they are eating all the chicken feed. We need your help.

What a cosy hideout.

Don't let the vermin take over. Seek and and destroy every last rat.

Vermin hunter

Vermin hunter is a fun hunting game in which you are called upon by the farmers to help them get rid of pesky vermin which are eating the animal feed and destroying property.

Head on out with your favorite rifle and deal with the vermin.


Current status

Vermin hunter is still in development but has been released for early access on Steam.

We released on early access so that we can get some feedback from you, the player, on what you would like us to add or change and if there are any bugs we may have missed.